“It was really hard on the Island as we had no access to beauty products or my number one health go-to vitamin supplements. I’m a keen believer in vitamins so six weeks prior to going on the show I dosed up on heaps of them, especially vitamins B and C to boost my immunity and I really felt it gave me that edge,” confesses Monika.

Despite the no frills treatment on the island Monika says she wasn’t too bothered not having access to many beauty products as she’s a firm believer in ‘mindset’ when it comes to health.

“It’s really important to have a good mindset and not obsess about food or exercise,” says Monika.

The former Miss Universe winner likes to exercise with F45 four times a week and once a week with her personal trainer.

“I like to get full sweaty workout with F45 then I work on my form with my personal trainer Tony from Virgin Active to help ensure I’m doing the right thing. But rest is really important so if I’m tired I give myself a break and just go for a nice long walk if I feel like it!”

For Monika her typical day on a plate includes heaps of healthy good fats, minimal carbs and plenty of fresh veggies.

“For breakfast I typically have two scramble eggs cooked with coconut oil, sautéed spinach, avo and sea salt. Then for lunch I usually have a salad dressed with olive oil with salmon or grilled chicken. And for dinner I might have some bone broth with veggies and chicken thighs,” Monika reveals.

Her diet may be fairly regimented but that’s not to say she doesn’t have the occasional odd treat. “I have a big sweet tooth so I like to snack on berries, nuts, dark chocolate or chocolate brownies made with zucchini,” Monika says.

As for Monika’s beauty routine she admits it is very basic.  “I cleanse, tone, serum moisturise with HIVITA and take their supplements also I love La Prarie’s three minute peel.”

Monika also drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated and after waking, she drinks warm water and salt and lemon to rehydrate her body.

She also enjoys a green smoothie made with Organify green powder and almond milk.

Post-survivor Monika is settling back into everyday (and married!) life.

“The hardest part was missing my husband so much. But now I feel much more courageous than before, I feel so much more present with my loved ones than ever before,” Monika admits.  

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