Instagram has been the biggest dictator when it comes to fashion trends gaining unmatched momentum thanks to the bloggers, influencers and celebrities that we see sporting them. Last week, the Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor Natasha Patel took you through some of the hottest trends to invest in, and I’m here to tell you just how much you need to save to make this very investment.

From the Gucci belt, the classy Christian Louboutin canvas tote to the ugly sneakers, and more, here’s a list of the hottest fashion trends and how much the cost.

1. Louis Vuitton’s Dad Sneakers

Following the ugly fashion trend that took over the world some time last year, LV decided to launch their own chic version of it too.

Price: ₹77,990 approx

2. Gucci Logo Belt

Ah, if I had a penny for each time I saw a blogger, celebrity or influencer wear this Gucci logo belt! Even though it is so overworn by every fashionista right now, it still hasn’t lost its charm—but instead become an iconic piece of luxury fashion to invest in.

Price: ₹38,995 Approx

3. Balenciaga’s Sock Boots

Now this trendy piece is not for the weak of heart (or feet). These bold sock boots introduced by Balenciaga will definitely take any outfit you wear to the high fashion level.

Price: ₹88,980 approx

4. The Dior Saddle

The age-old classic Dior Saddle made a comeback and how! Apart from the monogrammed version of the bag, I’ve spotted an abundance of blacks, nudes, maroons, and even pinks!

Price: ₹2,02,066


Classy and sexy along with the ability to glam up any outfit that you wear, these YSL heels are the kind of statement heels every girl should save up form IMHO.

Price: ₹1,05,287

6. Off-White XL Belt

I, for one, am saving up for this one myself! The off-white XL belts have been seen styled on pants, bags, camera straps and more! The more I see it, the more I fall in love with the diverse ways in which one can use it!

Price: ₹13,094

While these prices are sky-high, as a true fashion-lover, it’s something I know I would love to invest in! Which one of these trends are you going to save up for and add to your closet? For me, it would be the Off-White XL belt, what about you? Tell me in the comments below!

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