From fuchsia pink to silhouettes and accessories, celebrity designer Shehla Khan gives Shikha Jain tips for the season

Fashion deconstructed

Fashion, to me, is an interpretation of style. Firstly, it’s a huge industry, it’s a part of everyone’s life and it changes over decades. I think everyone, whatever field they are in, takes some interest in fashion. It’s about style, season, different designers, trends and more.

Bright & dramatic

In 2019, the ’80s and ’90s styles have become very prominent again. As far as women go, a lot of bright pop colours are on the palette. Fuchsia pink is back again. Men are also experimenting with colours where a lot of poppy pink is seen for them, a lot of graphics and a little bit of punk. All in all, there is a lot of drama in everything in terms of both, men and women in 2019 be it in embroidery, silhouette or accessories – everything is very dramatic.

Right principles

I see beyond what’s trending for the year, for the season and I focus more on my aesthetics and on my inspirations – that’s the most important thing because that’s where collections stem from. I try and research  my inspirations as much as possible and then using my aesthetics I create the design.

Inspiration everywhere

Inspiration could be from anywhere. It could be from travelling, watching movies, reading. I could be reading a magazine and I could just come across something or a picture and it would inspire me greatly. I have a lot of books on fashion so I randomly read them, delve into them and research more. I have a fetish for lace; you can see that in my clothes also. Every collection of mine has one element of lace.

Memorable work

The most memorable one would be my first collection, which was inspired by Marie Antoinette – the French queen known for her style. Even though it had hints of Indian in it, everything else was inspired by her – the way she created drama in her looks from dresses to hair to accessories.

For every woman

I cater to all types of women. I am very feminist in my aesthetics. Whatever a person’s style might be I think I can incorporate their aesthetics into mine and create something to make them look beautiful.

Fashion mantra

Just be original, don’t be a slave to trends, style or anything that is there at the moment. Just stick to what you feel amazing in.

Glamour or comfort?

I think it’s not important to choose glamour over comfort. If you are a celebrity, then of course you can’t be comfortable in terms of film shoots or when you are a bride. But on a regular basis, it’s important to choose comfort because if a person is physically comfortable in what they wear, they are mentally comfortable too. You can’t wear something you don’t believe in because then it’s going to look awkward on you.

Style icons

I like Sonam Kapoor, and I love the way Kangana Ranaut has changed her image over time. From the younger lot I like Tara Sutaria. I like Anushka Sharma’s style too even though it’s a little bit laidback but she’s original and therefore anything she wears looks cool on her. Karisma Kapoor has maintained her sophisticated look since years and it’s great.

Wardrobe must-haves

As a woman, first and foremost is a sari because I feel it’s the most graceful form of attire. Secondly, it would be something in black because it sits well on thin and fat days both. A blazer, because it adds a sense of sophistication to any outfit. Any form of jewellery that one is comfortable wearing – it could be a string of pearls or a pair of diamond solitaires or one bracelet because accessories are a very important part of the look as they have a lot to offer to an outfit.

And for men, a black suit, well-fitted pair of jeans and a white shirt.

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