While some trends may be considered too edgy to be taken from the red carpet to a wedding, one should always attempt to push the envelope. Here’s some inspiration from fashion week…

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, at the PFDC L’Oreal Paris Bridal Week 2018 (or any fashion week predicting trends in wedding wear for that matter), where there is little experimentation on the catwalk for hair and makeup – given that bridal trends need to work within the bounds of what is acceptable – we mostly look out for fresh beauty trends on the black carpet. This year L’Oreal, in collaboration with makeup artist Fatima Nasir, curated three main trends that were mostly spotted on the red carpet. Nabila’s team also experimented with some beauty trends that we could spot on the models backstage. While some of them may be considered too edgy to be taken from the red carpet to a wedding as easily, one should always attempt to push the envelope. Here’s some inspiration from PLBW18 on how to do so.

Glow Pro

Amidst the slew of new looks, there was one striking trend that took charge; skin is in and we like it fresh with faces that positively shone. The good news? This is one high-fashion beauty statement that is not only easy to wear, but is also highly versatile. Style your glowing makeup look with messy, undone hair to give it an effortless vibe. Two of our favourite style stars in the look were Anusheh Shahid and Maya Ali.

Vivid Shadow

BTS_Vivid-Shadow---Sunita-MarshalThe colour blue really stands out against brown or even black eyes and blue was definitely a trending colour at PLBW18, within the clothes and the makeup looks. Anusheh Mughal wore this coveted blue shadow with an orange dress on the black carpet, leaving her hair open in loose waves. Nabila’s team had also amped up the models’ beauty looks with exaggerated blue and gold glitter on their eyes, since the ramp affords makeup artists a playground to exaggerate the makeup slightly.

Futuristic Eyes

BTS_Futuristic-Eyes---Zara-PeerzadaThe impactful eye look from the sixties made a comeback on the black carpet with Zara Peerzada’s makeup look. The sixties were a time of refined but statement worthy looks featuring solid colours on the lids and a contrasting colour on the crease. We would suggest pulling the hair away from the face in a low bun and keeping the attention on your peepers.

Vamp Lip

BTS_Vamp-LipDarker lip shades in cooler months is just about as groundbreaking as florals in spring but despite so many other trends making their way, none can out do the impact of a jet black or dark blue lip. We saw two iterations of goth-glam on the models that dared to bare (their dark beauty ideals at least); Rubab Ali and Zara Peerzada. It’s definitely not a look for the faint hearted but one that’s sure to turn many heads.

Braid Accessories

BTS_Braid-accessoriesIt’s no secret that hair accessories are in. They make it easier to dress up a simple look because even with the simplest braided style there’s still room for fun. Nabila’s team added gold threads to the models hair and made it as festive and fun as the fashion on the ramp. The best part of accessorizing hair is that accessories are removable, allowing you to switch them up as you please.

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