It’s a simple truth – if you look good, you feel good. But having very little time to apply lipstick, let alone the rest is also a modern-day reality. Still, there are sneaky short-cuts that will help you shine and in very little time at all.

One of the simplest ways to get pretty fast is by turning to multi-purpose products. Less stuff to apply means less valuable minutes spent.

One of my all-time multi-use buys is a tinted lip balm. Yes  it’s lip balm – so it goes on easy (I do it with a finger tip, often while on the train much to my fellow passenger’s horror) but here’s the best bit. Lip balms are also terrific on the cheeks.

The right one will provide a perfect pout AND a soft, shimmery glow to the cheeks. Sweet.

Lipstick on the run.

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There’s plenty of cosmetic treatments that once applied truly go the distance. Lash tinting is a brilliant way to save several minutes every day and generally lasts for six weeks. Lash extensions (where a therapist glues individual faux lashes onto your own) are one step better and, if treated carefully, might hit eight to 12 weeks. I cannot live without these.

Have either of these done and, at a pinch, you can skip makeup altogether. Hurrah!

Makeup while driving? It's not recommended.

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Foundation is genius, but if you’re in a crazy panic to get out of the house (me daily!) it’s easy to get it wrong (me – almost daily!). You can ensure that doesn’t happen by skipping the full coverage and smoothing on a BB cream or tinted moisturiser.

Alternatively, apply a touch of concealer only. Pop it under the eyes (a creamy yellow works best here), in the very inner corner of the eyes, around the nose and chin area and over any red areas or teeny flaws. Et voila! You’re gorgeous.

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