Although applying tons of consolidation of the spray, the Make-up in summer due to sweating, not steadfast. With the right preparations, you can defy this Problem but with the left.

Light Make-up do not use

So that the skin is plastered, you should use a light Make-up. Ideally, you use no conventional Foundation, but BB or CC Creams. This can cover blemishes and skin still have room to Breathe.

a Transparent powder

carry A small tin with a transparent powder should have in the summer, everyone with oily skin. It is applied in the blink of an eye and quickly gives you a matte Finish. In addition, the powder can be applied over the lipstick for a matte Look.

refreshment? With the water splashes!

your skin needs during the day, cooling off? Use a moisture spray. You can do this by filling a little water in a spray bottle and during the day, a fine spray treat. You inject but not too much in the face, otherwise the Makeup will not be refreshed, but it runs.

Mascara, Eyeliner and Kajal all water-resistant

whether it’s mascara, Eyeliner or Kajal used, one should resort to water-resistant variant. The good pieces not only hold the Sweat, so you are prepared for a spontaneous Trip to the swimming pool.

cream eye shadow and Primer to use

In the summer should not be on the Primer dispensed. First a Primer – it can be a Concealer – applying, then the optimal Basis for long-lasting eyeshadow lasting. So that the eyeshadow does not settle in the wrinkles, should you put on a creamy variant. These usually have a tougher consistency and defy the heat.

Matt announced

lips you Grab in the summer to pens necessarily matte lip. Creamy products that contain a lot of Oils, and therefore melt faster. The Basis of matte colours, is to dry and consolidate for longer.

water-resistant lip liner to expose

in order for the lipstick but really, you should use a water-resistant lip liner. This can then be applied easily on the edges. Optimally, if you paint something in the shape of the lips so that the Lipliner can then blend well with the lipstick.

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