As the founder of Flower Beauty, Drew Barrymore has always been open about her favorite beauty tips and tricks. With
such a love for treatments and formulas, the actress has probably tried hundreds of
products. So when she recommends something, we take her word for it.

Her latest recommendation is a noninvasive
treatment from celebrity-favorite aesthetician Shani Darden—her Texture Reform Gentle Resurfacing Serum ($95).

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“I am a noninvasive-treatment girl, but
I’m always looking to even out hyperpigmentation,” Barrymore told People. “This
has lactic acid, which sloughs off brown patches and makes my skin luminous.” The serum is a gentle formula that helps smooth
and even out skin’s tone as you sleep.

This isn’t the only noninvasive anti-aging
treatment she swears by. In her years of doing #beautyjunkieweek on Instagram,
she shares tons of great finds with followers.

Just a few months ago,
she shared a makeup-free selfie to showcase the efficacy of the Clear
+ Brilliant laser treatment. “This me directly after a clear and brilliant
laser treatment (which I highly recommend),” she wrote in her caption. “It’s as
light as it gets and is noninvasive. But it helps me with my crazy level 10
Melasma after babies.”

During another one of these #beautyjunkieweek’s, she shared some great at-home finds, like the m-61 Power Glow Peel pads,
which she uses twice a week twice a week. “Put this on fresh skin to truly get
deep and clean. Yet so easy!” She also loves the cult-favorite mask Hanacure. “It makes you look so fresh when you wash it off. And it’s so effective,” she
wrote in the caption. “How fun is that in a package. #notttooenvasivebeauty

Now if you excuse us, we’re just going
to keep scrolling through her hashtag for some more top anti-aging recommendations.


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