With monsoon right around the corner, what people worry about is how fizzy their hair is going to get. Read on to know important hair care tips to beat the fizz.

Monsoons are known to bring around a breath of fresh air, cleanliness and new life. This season is perfect for sitting indoors with a piping hot cup of tea or coffee and watching fun romantic comedies. But this weather also brings on the dreaded fizz of hair with excessive humidity in the air,  making the hair unmanageable and difficult to control. But worry not, for we have some tips that will definitely save your day!

One of the simplest tips, is to just keep your hair dry and out of rain water as this water is highly acidic and dirty which is extremely unhealthy for the hair and damages it intensely. 

Deep conditioning has never done any wrong. A good old oil massage will not only make it look healthier and shinier but also revitalise the dry strands. It will also help improve the blood flow through the scalp. 

Avoid tying up your hair for it will make it limp and fizzier. If you absolutely have to tie it up, opt for a lose ponytail or bun that will do the trick. 

The right comb does a lot for the hair. Give those thin bristled hair brushes a rest and pick out a wide-tooth comb. It will not only help in detangling your tresses but also makes for the perfect comb to spread out conditioner through your hair. 

This might seem a little hard to do, but cutting your hair short is a sure way to maintain it this season. There is no hassle of tying it up, getting rid of the dreaded fizz, flyaways or even split ends. 

Scavenge your kitchen for some home remedies for taming the fizz. Curd is an excellent ingredient for ensuring your hair remains smooth and silky in this cool but humid weather. 

While you are keen on making your hair look good, hold back from the styling products this season. This will no doubt make your hair look better but also cause more breakage and damage due to the already present humidity. 

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