Social media is good for a lot of things, but one of our
favorite perks is actually the creative (and sometimes straight-up genius!)
beauty tricks we find while scrolling through its pages. Countless makeup artists and beauty bloggers flood
Instagram with their best tips on everything from liquid lipstick application
techniques to eyeliner-perfecting ideas. However, our latest find is actually a
foundation trick we’ve never heard before, and it could mean the
difference between a flawless finish and cakey makeup.

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As discovered by Bustle,
makeup artist Ashley DeFrancesco (@ashleybluedef) rubs ice along her face
before applying any concealer or foundation in order to ensure a smooth makeup
application. “Used ice as a primer again and honestly like…it really works,”
writes DeFrancesco as the caption, adding in the comments section of her post that the ice cube tightens pores when in contact with the skin. Check out her demonstration, below:

While many viewers were skeptical about her technique, ice
has actually been used in skin care by many—celebrities included. In fact, Kate Moss uses this ice trick to de-puff and tighten her skin, and Victoria’s Secret
model Jasmine Tookes uses it as well in order to shrink her pores. So, considering this beauty
trick is literally free and vetted by supermodels, we can’t help but think it’s
worth a try.


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