When it comes to trackside fashion you can count on Jennifer Hawkins to up the ante in the beauty stakes. With a penchant for a bright slick of lipstick and perfectly bronzed skin – the 34-year-old’s look for this year’s Colgate Optic White Stakes Day no exception. 

The brand ambassador was on theme wearing a white custom Mischa Collection two-piece suit with a splash of red courtesy of her lip colour and matching Gucci bag. 

We sat down with the businesswoman and the former Miss Universe Australia to talk all things style and beauty ahead of spring racing carnival season. Here, she reveals her favourite skin treatments and what’s in her make-up bag…

What are some of your favourite spring fashion trends?

“Linen and denim and denim are huge two huge trends. Neon is back – I’ve seen a lot of neon overseas.”

What makes you feel confident?

“I feel 100% when I have been eating well and mediating. That’s when I feel my happiest and most present.”

Which beauty products do you carry in your cutch on race day?

“Face powder to keep oily skin at bay. A lipstick and a travel size perfume. My go-to fragrances are fresh scents by Burberry or Gucci.”

What are your favourite skincare treatments right now?

“I’m really into exfoliation. I use one by Beauty Pacifique for a really deep clean once a month. I also use a vitamin c serum and a hydrating moisturiser.

“I’m lucky in that I’ve never had skin problems. I went through periods when I had breakouts but I think that was because of the type of make-up I was wearing. With the expectation of when I’m working – I just use J-Bronze Flawless Face Tan for my day-to-day beauty regimen.

How do you find balance with such a busy schedule?

I make sure I have time to look after myself between work commitments. Making with the hubby – I just structure my diary to suit my lifestyle.”

What’s next for you?

“J Bronze has two new products coming out and our tequila brand Session is launching in America. We’ve been to Mexico recently where our distillery is and Jake is so busy with J Group – that’s his business. They just won a master builder award and I’m so proud of him.

“It’s so nice to have him do his thing and to be a partner and go home and make get to have dinner ready. I’m really into cooking at the moment and I never use to be – my signature dishes are stir-frys and tacos.”

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