You may have used roses for beauty, but lotus flowers can also enhance your face. The lotus flowers, which swell the mind with its fragrance, have come up with a few remedies that can help to enhance their beauty. That’s what we’re going to talk about today. So let us know how you can find beauty with the help of lotus flower.

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Tenderness of the skin
Put the lotus leaves in water and leave it for a while. When wet, remove them from the water and grind them. Now add a little milk and honey and apply it on your face. After half an hour, wash your face lightly with lukewarm water.

Blackness of hair
If you want to blacken your hair, use lotus flower. Take raw milk of the cow in a bowl for it. Now put the lotus flower in it and press it in a pit for 1 month. After a month remove it and apply it to your hair.

To get rid of the problem of pimples, add a little turmeric to the lotus leaf paste and apply it on your face. Wash it with clean water. This will relieve you of the problem of pimples.

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