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Beauty trends aren’t just for the upper class

High fashion trends. Now those few words may seem intimidating at first as they are synonymous with the upper class, however, the concept that high fashion is reserved only for the insanely rich is asinine. Everyone should be allowed to participate in and enjoy fashion and beauty trends, and this fashion clown is going to tell you how to...

Beauty tips for tweens discovering skincare and makeup

Your early teens are a tumultuous time. Hormones are running amok, social status is paramount, and young women and men on the cusp of adulthood are trying to figure out who they are and how they want to present those identities to the world. The face they put forward is a top priority. YouTube beauty tutorials offer...

Brides The Show: Wedding Beauty Insider Tips

You’ve got the dress, sorted your flowers and the venue is booked but now for the next big decision: hair and makeup. But where to start?...

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