It’s no secret that our environment is in trouble, but luckily there are small things you can do to help, like adopting a sustainable beauty routine. By swapping out your one-use products or choosing to purchase things with less packaging, you can keep plastic out of landfills. According to National Geographic, some kinds of plastics can take up to 400 years to decompose, making it one of the most harmful material to the environment.

If you’re eager to do your part to avoid more waste, we’ve gathered up a few tips and swaps to make it easy. From using products made of bamboo, (which according to Scientific American can grow up to four feet a day with almost no water, fertilizer, or pesticides) to starting to only pick reusable products — you can find easy ways to help the environment. While we recommend checking your local stores for sustainable products (to limit your carbon footprint), ahead you’ll find products to make your routine more sustainable.


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