Bella Hadid, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber: virtually every top model, influencer, and celebrity is jumping on the monochrome trend. And why not? It’s a lot easier to wear one color than to match a bunch of different ones together.

Still, it’s important to recognize that while the style seems ascendant, it’s by no means new. Like all trends, monochrome has come in and out of style for decades. And as celebrities have jumped on and off the same-color bandwagon, one steadfast champion of monochrome has remained strong. That style icon is Queen Elizabeth.

Here, 12 comparisons that prove the Queen did it first.


Priyanka Chopra vs. the Queen

Priyanka looks amazing in this all-mustard look. So did the Queen, when she wore it in West Germany (yes, all the way back when there was a West Germany).


Katy Perry vs. the Queen

Katy Perry rocked this royal blue look just a few days ago while leaving Good Morning America. Queen Elizabeth sported a similar shade while arriving in Saudia Arabia in 1979.


Glenn Close vs. the Queen

Glenn Close and the Queen: two icons, one shade of periwinkle.


Kerry Washington vs. the Queen

Kerry Washington opted for pale blue during the most recent New York City Fashion Week. The same color suited the Queen during the 1969 Braemar Highland Gathering in Scotland.


Victoria Justice vs. the Queen

Victoria Justice paired bright green with bright green—as did the Queen during the 1973 Royal Ascot.


Gigi Hadid vs. the Queen

Both celebrities chose this shade of blue for events abroad: Gigi Hadid for Fall/Winter 2019 Paris Fashion Week, and the Queen for a 1977 visit to New Zealand.


Karlie Kloss vs. the Queen

Karlie Kloss left Ralph Lauren’s most recent fashion show in head-to-toe grayish-blue. On that same 1977 trip to New Zealand, the Queen donned a similar shade to look at a vintage plane.


Awkwafina vs. the Queen

Awkwafina is among Hollywood’s most promising newcomers—but she’s actually a bit late to the all-purple outfit.


Kristen Bell vs. the Queen

Kristen Bell slipped a little tonal variety into this mostly-orange outfit; but then, so did the Queen when she wore the same shade.


Kylie Jenner vs. the Queen

In an interesting twist, it is actually the American celebrity wearing matching gloves and not the Queen with this particular look.


Hailey Bieber vs. the Queen

Hailey Bieber chose this color to walk around the city in. Little did she know, it is also an appropriate outfit in which to meet the Sultan of Oman. (That’s what the Queen is doing here.)


Bella Hadid vs. the Queen

Bella Hadid recently chose a similar color palette to the Queen’s in 1984—although Hadid’s take on it is a bit more dressed-down.

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