New York Fashion Week kicks off today in the Big Apple, and it’s not just a busy time for the fashion industry.

Those who work in beauty — more specifically, makeup artists and hairstylists — also will have their work cut out for them, as they’re not only styling models for the runway shows, but also, celebrities who are sitting front row and attending the corresponding parties.

According to celebrity makeup artist Romy Soleimani, just as Fashion Week sets the tone for the next season of fashion, it also can inspire beauty trends.

“You see the high fashion and it trickles onto the streets, and the same goes for beauty,” she told “Good Morning America.” “A lot of ideas are birthed at the shows.”

To predict what these spring trends might be, “Good Morning America” chatted with Soleimani, who’s doing the Ulla Johnson, Maria Cornejo, Mansur Gavriel, Kate Spade and Milly shows; Beau Nelson, who will be heading up the makeup for Chocheng this season; and hairstylist Laura Polko, who will be working with stars including Gigi Hadid, Hailee Steinfeld and Martha Hunt throughout the week.

1. Less is more, at least for skin

Both Soleimani and Nelson noted that bare skin — or at least, the look of it — is in.

“I think a lot of people are really understanding the marriage of skincare and coverage and that there’s a way to do it and a way not to do it. I think there’s going to be a freshness to the makeup,” Soleimani explained. “It’s not that we won’t see makeup, but it’ll be a fresher base and a fresher feel. Makeup that’s overly done feels dated and old.”

Nelson added that it’s a trend women everywhere should embrace. “Go nuts on the eyes, wear a great lip, put on a solid eyebrow if that’s your thing, but let your skin breathe,” he advised. “It’s much more attractive to see real skin, or the approximation of real skin!”

2. Individuality is being embraced

When Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, walked down the aisle this past May with her freckles on full display, beauty buffs went nuts. Expect the trend of individuality to continue, the makeup artists both said.

“You see more and more shows, not every girl will have the same makeup. In a way it gives more personality to the clothes and you can envision real women wearing the clothes,” Soleimani said.

Polko said for hair, she tries to hone in on a client’s inherent tastes, too. “I like to not mess too much with what’s already happening,” she said. “Most people know what makes them look really good and you work within the parameters.”

3. Expect some dramatic moments

Nelson said he expects to see dramatic trends that reflect the turbulent political climate. “It could be anything from austere to more color but spring lends itself to color,” he said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some pastel moments and some shine metallics.”

The same theme goes for hair. “People have been playing it safe lately in the past couple years and I think this year maybe people will do more interesting things,” Polko said. “Just like everything, it dips and spikes. There will be cooler things this year.”

4. Brightness may prevail

“Personally, I’m feeling a lot of acidic colors, so they feel hot and feverish and not so muted,” Soleimani said. “I love the combination with beautiful skin.” Translation: Expect to see pops of brightness, perhaps on the models’ lips. MAC and Nars have products that fall into this category, Nelson added.

5. Texture is in

Rhinestones, glitter — all of those things can be really fun, as long as they’re balanced, Soleimani said. “It’s about putting some color or glitter on your eye without it looking like a labored thing — so that it looks fresh and playful,” she said. “People are playing with textures: glitter, gorgeous glossy lips, and metallics. It’s more of a feel.” For those looking to try the glitter trend at home, she recommends products by Lemonhead LA, while Nelson said he likes Stila’s liquid eyeshadow.

Nelson also added that cream textures are worth experimenting with, too. “They’re easy to manipulate and they look luminous and fresh,” he said. “They don’t look like makeup.”

6. Hair styles may be a little less traditional

Polko said it’s tough to predict what the prevailing hair trends will be, but she wants designers and hairstylists to try the unexpected. “I’m hoping just not to see too much beachy wave and long straight hair,” she said with a laugh. “Some of the wig moments in the past have been really cool. That’s rad. It’s so easy to throw on a wig and change a model’s look.”

7. Stars at shows will be playing a part (sort of)

Nelson noted that when stars head to the shows, they’re looking to “bring out an extension of themselves that’s congruent with the designer.” To that end, he makes sure to always channel the designer’s style. “Let’s say for example, someone is going to Oscar de la Renta. That’s not the time to give her a dramatic smokey eye,” he said with a laugh. “It’s a chance for them to be seen by brands in a way they might not be otherwise. Chances for endorsements, chances to be invited to events, so they need to look the part!”

Polko added that their hairstyles will be reflective of that, too. Expect to see more refined styles during the day. “You can get away with more messy hair at night,” she said. “During the day, it looks like you didn’t brush your hair but at night, you look hot.”

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