From retro looks that are making a comeback to at-home styles, 2020 celebrity fashion is focused on flair and comfort. Many designers have re-worked some of the most popular styles of the last few decades and given old ideas a new spin. However, celebrities are staying home more while self-quarantining, that hasn’t stopped them from being at their stylish best. Whether they are on runways or in their driveways, women in the spotlight are inspiring others as they sport the year’s trendiest looks.

Psychedelic Colors Are Keeping Things Bright

The 1960s was a decade known for vibrantly colored women’s wear. Everything from miniskirts to men’s shirts also included psychedelic patterns. Designers have given the look a 2020 reboot, and celebs are being seen wearing eye-catching retro styles. Kick flare pants, maxi dresses, and mini-mod dresses are chic again. Some women are adding retro headbands and wearing them with bangs. Fashionistas are accessorizing with old-is-new-again three-stone rings, rose gold, and symbolic pendants. The nostalgic accessories are not reserved for the celebrated. Many shoppers are finding the “in” jewelry pieces at stores like Urban Accessories.

Denim Is Still a Favorite

It isn’t possible to page through a celebrity magazine without seeing a famous woman sporting her favorite pair of jeans. That’s because denim never goes out of style. It is versatile, practical, and can be adapted for almost any occasion except formal events. Harper’s Bazaar recently listed over 50 celebrity denim fashions that will continue trending for some time to come.

Celebrities Are Making Leisure Wear Look Good

Dozens of famously glamorous women have found inspiring ways to make tracksuits look good. They may be working from home for the time being, but trendy ladies insist on looking their best. For example, Chiara Ferragani has designed her own feminine, comfortable tracksuit in flattering baby pink. Wool loungewear is fashionable among celebs, as are oversized sweaters paired with leggings.

Shorts Are Still a Thing

At home or on the street, shorts are must-have items for many celebrated women. Marie Claire experts write that coated denim shorts with a self-tie belt are trending in 2020. Tweed short shorts are also in. Celebs who prefer longer versions are wearing trouser shorts and often pairing them with matching jackets. Bermuda shorts worn with a suit jacket is a timeless look that famous women have loved for years. Celebutants are dressed in cuffed, pleated, flared, and wool shorts in a variety of colors and fabrics.

Cropped Blazers Are Must-Have Items

Flattering cropped blazers that do not reach the waist are trending in 2020. The incredibly versatile pieces can be mixed and matched with skirts, jeans, and slacks or worn over sundresses. Well-dressed women are pairing tailored jackets with utility pants for an exciting contrast. Worn with an eye-catching necklace and sophisticated short boots, the look is irresistible. Cropped jackets have been seen worn over skinny jeans and bodysuits. Some on-trend superstars choose to create a unique look by combining form-fitting jeans with a buttoned-up short, tailored jacket.

The world’s most famous women often set fashion trends every year, and 2020 is no exception. This year many are choosing 1960s-inspired geometric patterns in bright colors. Classic denim is still a hit, and celebs have been seen wearing shorts in every length, fabric, color, and style. Classic cropped jackets are everywhere, and elegant women are pairing them with skirts, slacks, and jeans to create arresting looks. The chic and famous have also made leisurewear trendy.


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