From sleek hair to sneakers at weddings, here are all the wedding trends to watch out for in 2019. Courtesy: our favourite celebrities

Weddings are so important in our culture, that they have their very own season! We can say that this year, was the year of weddings. From Neha Dhupia and Sonam Kapoor’s weddings earlier this summer, to Deepika and Ranveer, Priyanka and Nick, Isha and Anand and even Kapil Sharma tied the knot in the short span of one month. We got to see some amazing ethic outfits by some of the best designers at all these occasions. Some were hits and some were misses.

But there were some that stood out so much, that they are sure to be seen at weddings in 2019 as well! Here is a rundown if all the trends that will be big, in weddings next year.


Red Lehengas

For a while, there was a break in the number of celebrities who opted for red for their big day. But the colour is back and how! While Neha Dhupia and Anushka Sharma proved that pastels can also make for the most beautiful wedding shade, after Deepika and Priyanka opted for red Sabyasachi pieces for their respective weddings, there seems to be no going back!


Sneaker Power

The sneaker trend has continued to remain the biggest trend. But now, with celebrities sporting these cool and comfortable shoes beneath their lehengas and gowns, we know that it is bound to be bigger and styled better in 2019.


Mangalsutra and Chooda with Western Outfits

Two of the biggest stars wowed us with their outfit and jewellery choices at their weddings. But what stood out, is that even after their ceremonies, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra still wore their one-of-a-kind mangalsutras at outings and events, irrespective of what dress they were wearing. Gone are the days when women only sport these accessories with traditional outfits. Take note ladies!


Traditional Chokers

This concept has oozed out from street style and made its way into weddings. Encrusted with gold or silver and precious stones, this piece of jewellery is elegant, sophisticated and a definite jewellery trend for weddings in 2019.


Non-white Dresses

When it comes to Christian weddings, white is the go-to colour of the dress. Now, many are opting for lighter shades in different colours, to break the norms and make space for individuality. Mandy Moore is one such example, who opted for a baby pink wedding gown recently.


Long Veils

Princess Diana’s veil was the longest in history and while nobody can beat that, Priyanka Chopra’s veil at her white wedding gave us all kinds of goals. Over the years, the veil started becoming shorter and some even skipped the piece all together. But now, its back with a bang and get ready to see long yards of tulle at white weddings.


Sleek Hair

Also come to be known as Deepika Padukone’s signature hairdo, this look has made its way into almost every Bollywood actress’s heart. Priyanka Chopra also tried the look at her wedding and fashionistas like Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor have also tried out the chic look.


The Concept Saree

Experimentation was key this year and this outfit proves it. The concept saree is a new twist on normal sarees and can be worn with jeggings, palazzos and even skirts. Take cue from these actresses who stepped out of their comfort zone and aced the look!


We can’t help but wait to see these trends and even sport some ourselves. What are your thoughts? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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