Listed below are stars who have been sporting the pantsuit at the airport, making it the new “it” trend

Fashion has become a major staple all around the World and through all walks of life. Bollywood is always on par with the ever-changing runway trends, every season. While celebrities are known to own the red carpet, their street style and airport looks have become the new cool. Airport looks in particular have become a major phenomenon all around the globe and needless to say the storm is on a high, back in the bay as well. 


Helmed and started off by Kangana Ranaut and Deepika Padukone, the whole of Bollywood has jumped onto the bandwagon and is now putting forth their best foot forward. However, there is a sub-category in that as well. After the widespread use of the neon fad, it seems like celebrities have taken a fancy towards the mighty pantsuit. 


A woman in a pantsuit always manages to give major boss lady vibes. However, trust our stars to work the pantsuit at any and every given occasion. From perfectly tailored and structured ones to the more laid back and casual ones, this powerful silhouette happily slides into space and off-late its been taking over the airport. 


Listed below are stars who have been sporting the pantsuit at the airport, making it the new “it” trend. 


Deepika Padukone 



All hail the Queen of Airport looks. If it is a trend, you know that Deepika will be one of the first ones to ace it. Deepika merged two styles together – neon and pantsuits, wearing one in an oversized form. Ofcourse, it wasn’t the conventional silhouette but she sure did give a great spin to it. We like!  


Kangana Ranaut



How can this list ever be made without the mention of Kangana Ranaut? This diva took formal dressing to another level. She donned a perfectly tailored black pant suit which she styled with a high neck ruffled satin top. Pure class! 


Alia Bhatt



Alia Bhatt too has started taking airport looks really seriously. The stunner opted for an easy single breasted pastel green pantsuit which she teamed with a white top. We like the easiness of the outfit and it sure does show that pant suits aren’t necessarily formal wear. 


Anushka Sharma



Anushka Sharma is always known to mix and match style with comfort and this time was no different. The Phillauri actress opted for a dusted light grey pantsuit wherein the blazer was almost similar to a trench. Staying true to herself, she kept her look pretty laid back and simple. 


Kriti Sanon



Pantsuit pyjama style? Is that even a thing? Well, Kriti Sanon sure thinks so. Kriti was seen at the airport a couple of weeks ago wherein the beauty found a middle ground and slid into a comfortable chocolate brown coloured pant suit pyjama with a white spaghetti. 


Shraddha Kapoor



This recent look of Shraddha Kapoor was very well received by everyone. Shraddha, looked super chic in a deep aqua green pantsuit which she teamed up with a white tank top and white sneakers. All in all we are all hearts for this look. 


Parineeti Chopra



Parineeti Chopra is seen sporting a semi pantsuit trend. However, her look miserably failed to impress us. Parineeti took some cues from Alia Bhatt and opted for a blazer in the same colour. The whole look rather looks very off and this one is everything that you shouldn’t be doing at the airport. 


Fashion is here to stay but as it is already established, trends keep changing. So, before this trend faces a trickle down, make sure that you’ve spotted the outfit. 


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