It’s Paris Fashion Week, so it’s only to be expected that some fashion risks will be taken at numerous celebrity events. Notable for challenging fashion trends are the best friends and models Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, who seem to stay in the spotlight with their attention-grabbing style trends. Yahoo Lifestyle reports that the friends sported matching orange-toned, clingy, glitzy dresses to a party in Paris Wednesday night. But apparently, the besties weren’t just twinning in the color of their dresses. Upon closer look at pictures from Wednesday night, it can be determined that the two girls decided to go commando. That means no bras, no underwear, no anything.

Unless they were wearing “invisible” underwear, the fabric of their dresses clung to their skin in ways that accentuated their curves and gave onlookers a glimpse of what was underneath the fabric. But hey, it’s Paris. And why are we obsessing about the two models’ choice of non-underwear, anyway?

The dresses were both in beautiful matching tones of orange, but were complete opposites in terms of shade, finish, and style, as photos from Wednesday night’s event show. Hadid chose a calf-length, slinky ruched dress in a deep, almost rusty shade of orange. The material was somewhat sheer, as the model’s tiniest body details could be seen underneath the slinky fabric. The dress was a button-down with a colorful calico collar that buttoned halfway up her neck. Its sleeves were also styled like a typical button-down shirt, as they had white cuffs accenting the ends of the sleeves that were otherwise slinky orange material. Hadid’s shoes were gorgeous open-toed pumps, in the same colors of light purple, orange, and maroon that were present in the collar of the dress.

Jenner’s dress, on the other hand, had more of a glitzy sparkly feel to it. It was an ankle-length, shimmery sunset orange color with a metallic finish. The dress was in a one-shoulder style, with the sleeved arm being covered to its wrist. She finished the look with a pair of strappy nude stiletto sandals. While the fabric of Jenner’s dress seemed to be slightly thicker and heavier than that of Hadid’s, it still was clingy enough to suggest that she was not wearing undergarments either. The two girls apparently took twinning to a whole new level. But hey, it’s Paris.

This isn’t the first time Kendall and Bella have been caught twinning. Earlier this week, the two were the opener for the Off-White runway show in Paris, donning matching white attire as they walked together down the runway, according to Elle.


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