However, not everyone appreciated the deals, with some criticising the shop for putting high price tags on the clothing. One woman browsing this morning said to her husband, “It’s quite a lot actually, isn’t it? I think I’d find better in TK Maxx.”

Mrs Homewood defended the price tags, which rose above £600 for a Chloe handbag worth £1,350, saying they had followed the charity’s guidelines and wanted to do justice to the donations.

“We have designer clothing all the time,” she said. “We don’t sell it for peanuts, because it’s an insult to the people who bring it in.”

“It’s not to save you money, it’s to raise money for the charity shop.”

She also rejected claims that staff had kept items for themselves: “We haven’t got any of it ourselves, we can’t afford that.”

Email chains and WhatsApp groups went around local residents, who urged one another to visit the designer rack themselves. Some came to buy, but others to browse.

“It’s not just typical designer labels, there are edgier ones too like Miu Miu and Erdem,” said Rebecca Harrison, 35, who works at the BBC in Tunbridge Wells. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in the flesh or would be able to see them. I would feel intimidated if I went into one of their stores in London.” She bought a Mary Katrantzou dress worth £1,395 for £650.

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