take advantage of their friendship with the Duchess Meghan (37): Because their Friends with Prince Harry’s (34) make the wife the cashier, threatening the Duchess have a serious talk with the Secretary of the Queen (93), such as “Gala” reported. Because: Should Meghans circle of friends continue to use it as an advertising figure, and a career springboard, should it come to confrontation.

For many of my fellow Ex-“Suits”actress is the relationship to Meghan turns out to be an advantage: her best friend Jessica Mulroney (39) is likely to benefit the most. They lined the Duchess last autumn on your big Overseas trip. According to the “Gala” was Mulroney after the trip with the Designer for himself and Meghan showered and was able to lucrative advertising sign deals. Your biggest success: it stands as a fashion expert on the TV show “Good Morning America” in front of the camera.

the Duchess, sold

Also in the case of Victoria Beckham (45) rings thanks to Meghan, the cashier. Finally, everything that bears the Duchess sells like hot best device – just right for Beckham, whose fashion is stuck label in the red. In March, Meghan contributed to the service in Westminster Abbey, a Look of Beckham. The wedding of Meghan and Prince Harry (34) in may of 2018 took advantage of Victoria Beckham as an opportunity to promote your Label, and came in the Outfit from the own collection. Her friend, Misha Nonoo (32) dresses Meghan also like. The Duchess wore such a T-Shirt from the designer to the Invictus Games.

For “The Class”, the company Wellness Guru, Taryn Toomey (40), made Meghan and Prince Harry even direct advertising by referring to your Instagram profile “Sussex Royal” on it. Not a bad advertising space – finally, 8.4 million subscribers following the Royal Couple on Instagram. (kad)


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