Yorgos Tsibiridis is one of the most talented real estate brokers on Douglas Elliman’s East Hampton team. He isn’t just well versed in the region, he’s also a resident! Tsibiridis gives The Daily Summer the scoop on one of his chicest properties — 40 Wireless Road in East Hampton — and explains how the area is growing into a year-round community that’s great for families.

This house looks so open and airy — tell us about the design and aesthetic!
It was designed by Kathy and Don Ashby. This has been their most ambitious project yet! The inspiration came from the idea of a monastery with arches and spaces that feel calm and open. It was also inspired by a famous building with arches in Rome, called the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. Each room has its own atmosphere. Kathy and Don wanted to create a serene environment, with light oak wood floors and high ceilings.

How did they achieve that?
By removing extraneous details, they created a minimal and peaceful space. To complement this, there was lot of attention in making the lights linear, so they lit up the arches and walls using LED strips.

40 Wireless Road in East Hampton (Courtesy)

What are some of its most extravagant amenities?
The details are what make this house so special, from the designer lights, to the custom Murano chandelier in the kitchen. The kitchen and the oval bathtub were both designed by Boffi. There are also Italian marble, custom vanities in the bathrooms, and the hardwood floors are from Los Angeles.

What’s your favorite thing about this listing?
I love the scale of the house and the aesthetics. From the super high ceilings to the openness throughout, there is a great flow. The layout makes this house very cozy, but at the same time the size is great for entertaining.

How so?
The dining table can accommodate 16 guests, and the large living area opens to the outdoor cabana and pool area.

What other special details do you like?
The arches in the living area. [They] frame the space, and I feel they are like a backdrop for a runway fashion show! Also, even though you are only a couple of blocks from East Hampton Village Main Street, you feel very secluded and private.


What’s it like working with your wife?
I always discuss business and deals with Alicia. She has great insights, and she has been amazing with the branding and marketing of properties, given her advertising and marketing background. She’s the one who pushes me sometimes, and she tends to always be right! We work together in everything we have to do, to get the property in perfect condition before listing it for sale, from staging to improvements, brainstorming marketing strategies, etc.

What’s the best part about real estate in the Hamptons?
The amazing houses and locations! You could have unparalleled views of the water or farmland. The clients are sophisticated and knowledgeable of what they want. I get to meet a lot of interesting and successful people from all backgrounds. And you get to help them make a major decision, looking at it from an investment point of view, but also a place for the family where they would spend lots of vacation time.

What’s the hardest thing about being a real estate agent?
Keeping the balance between family/personal time and work time. There’s a fine line between the two when you’re an agent. You get requests and follow-ups 24/7 and have to be responsive! Alicia keeps a better balance than I do.

What has changed about the Hamptons since you first moved to the area?
It’s becoming more and more of a year-round community. There are great schools for the kids, restaurants, and shops. We currently live in Sag Harbor, and we’ve seen how Main Street has evolved. The community out here is very involved. Both myself and Alicia volunteer at the Sag Harbor school, Alicia serving on the PTA and me on the school board.

40 Wireless Road (Courtesy)

Do you own any properties? What do you look for when you’re investing?
We own two properties. It has to be a good deal as is, and then you can create more value by renovating and adding more amenities. We also like to see the rental potential.

You have two young sons — how do you keep them entertained and active during the summer?
They’re doing some amazing camps out here with all different activities, from theater to animation and sports. We’re also hosting a Whaler [a collegiate baseball player for the Sag Harbor baseball team] for a few weeks, which was an amazing experience for the kids. It helped them with baseball practice!

What tips do you have for family-friendly activities in the area?
Meeting friends on the beach, make a trip to Shelter Island to Sunset Beach for paddleboarding and water sports. There are tons of offerings, from horseback riding to sailing and rowing. I still have on my list for this summer a rowing camp in Sag Harbor.

How often do you work with clients who have kids? What kinds of amenities do they usually look for in a property?
We actually often work with families with kids. It varies, but we have some good insights on what their needs would be. Location is important, and proximity to Main Street. Depends on the age of kids, finished lower levels, family rooms, playrooms, and large outdoor space for activities and sports.

Any travel plans this summer?
We’re doing a little bit of traveling — going to Greece, for a wedding and some island hoping.

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