Everlane used to be quite a big name, in the world of online businesses, barely a couple of years ago. However, some people say that they’ve started to decline in popularity. Only they would know whether their sales have dropped, but the one thing we can guarantee you is that they have maintained the same level of quality through the years.

We wanted to take a closer look at modern Everlane and see how the company has been handled recently, determine how worth it is their products, explore the pricing of their items, and break down the components that have made Everlane such a popular choice in the world of modern-day consumerism.

To do it, we’ve created this review of the company that aims to tell you all you need to know about Everlane and the clothing items that they sell.

First, though, we want to take a look at their mission and see what the fuzz is all about when it comes to “Radical Transparency” – a policy that seems to rule the company’s decisions and shape it as a modern-day giant of ethics in the world of clothes manufacturing.

Everlane – Who Are They and What’s Their Mission?

A quick glance at the Everlane website will tell you that they are a clothes retailer that works online. That’s basically all that you know when you first click on the site’s homepage. However, they go much deeper than that.

Everlane is a clothing manufacturer with very high moral standards. They have made sure not to partner with any company that exploits their employers by underselling labor and manufacturing items from countries where the quality standards of employee safety are not necessarily met with the same level of importance as in the US.

This is a common issue in today’s world, as many companies would rather pay discounted prices for the materials required for the manufacturing of their items while turning a blind eye to the atrocities that happen in the factories upon which they buy those materials.

However, those “morally questionable” companies also tend to offer cheaper items because of the lower prices that they buy their items for.

Everlane, on the other hand, sells items at a higher price but you can rest assured that the money that you’re investing is worth it – you won’t be buying items made in a Taiwan factory where employees get paid less than $1 an hour. That’s the company’s ethos – and that’s why we still love them.

The Pros and Cons of Everlane

As one of the most renowned manufacturers of eco-friendly clothing items, the company is definitely one that has a lot of pros to go alongside it. However, that also means that the company has a fair share of cons that you might need to be aware of before purchasing. We’ve grouped them here.

Everlane Pros

  • The whole manufacturing process is eco-friendly and aims to keep the environment in check
  • The factories that create the items leave the used water at a 98% purity rate, much higher than the average company
  • The company tells you everything you need to know about where your money is going before making a purchase
  • Even though materials are eco-friendly, they are also of a very high degree of quality

Everlane Cons

  • They don’t have good international support, which means that you might be better off buying in the US only
  • The items are more expensive than what you’d usually expect to find in a traditional shop

Full-On Transparency – Everlane’s Flagship Feature

One of the reasons as to why Everlane became so popular is because they gave you (and still give you) a detailed breakdown of the price of each of the items that they sell in their online store.

The feature, called “Radical Transparency”, aims to help consumers get a clearer idea of what they’re paying for without having to fall down a rabbit hole of seemingly unlimited investigations that will probably lead nowhere or, at the very least, they will lead you to a point that you didn’t want to reach (such as when you look for the origin of some of the products that you bought from Nike, for example).

At Everlane, you get to see what you’re paying for and determine whether the price that you’re paying is worth it or not – according to your own standards and not because of something that you’ve read online. At Everlane, you get to choose if you want to buy a product after you’re fully aware of how it was made and where the money went to during the investment process.


Apart from the quality of manufacturing of the items sold at Everlane, another thing that you can rest assured of when buying these products is that they’re developed with eco-friendliness as one of their main selling points. This goes all the way through the manufacturing process, too, and it’s not something that you see during the first stages or even with the materials used.

In fact, according to Everlane, the water used during the process should be able to drink as it is almost 98% pure. They pay attention to every detail when creating their sustainable items and the materials used, as well as the process upon which they put them, is a clear statement of that.

You will notice that the bags that you’ll get, upon the purchase of one of their products, are fully sustainable as well. They’re recyclable bags made with material that you can use time and time again and not throw it away. Everything about the company screams eco-friendliness.

Products and Item Quality

We have come across plenty of companies that love to advertise their eco-friendly features and the fact that they work with sustainable materials, protecting the environment during the manufacturing process. However, in many cases, we’ve also noticed how these companies don’t produce items of very high quality.

This is not the case with Everlane and we couldn’t be happier because of it.

Everlane might put a lot of their resources into the manufacturing of sustainable and eco-friendly items, but it’s clear that the company also designs items that are meant to feel comfortable. Designing quality items that don’t require dangerous materials are the ones you’re going to get with an Everlane purchase.

The Trainer – One of Our Favorites

We could spend hours reviewing the many items that we’ve tried from Everlane, but we’d like to focus on the Trainer, which is the company’s most comfortable sneaker shoe. It’s also one of those items that make us feel extremely comfortable when wearing and one of the best unisex shoes that we’ve tried – not only from Everlane themselves but from the entire shoe manufacturing industry.

Even though the design of the shoe isn’t anything out of the ordinary, it is clear that the company has put a lot of effort into creating a sustainable shoe that fits the needs of all sorts of wearers without compromising the quality of materials in the process.

Men Clothing Versus Women Clothing at Everlane

One of the main questions that we often see being thrown around is whether you should purchase Everlane articles as a man or if the company has been mainly gaining fame because of the quality of their pieces of apparel for females.

Everlane develops products that share the same degree of quality manufacturing for both genders. It’s clear that the item designers of the company have put the same level of effort into creating products that appeal to both genders.

We can fully recommend you try out Everlane items as a male and we can safely tell you that you’ll be comfortable with your purchase as a female, too.

Everlane Pricing – Worth it?

At Everlane, you can expect your clothing items to cost a minimum of $30 – and that’s if you’re going for the cheaper options. Some of the higher-quality items that they develop could be as expensive as $100 per item, which could become quite a burden on your wallet if you’re on a budget.

Certainly, Everlane items are worth it. However, we would not recommend them if you’re one to want to go eco-friendly but you do not have the extra cash to spare. You’re going to need to fork out some cash to get your hands on one of these items!

Our Conclusion on Everlane

Everlane is a high-quality, eco-friendly clothing manufacturer that produces items at reasonable prices for the process that they need to create them. If you can afford to purchase from Everlane, we fully recommend you to give the company a try. It’s highly likely that you won’t regret it and you might find yourself ready to go fully eco-friendly with the fantastic item quality that they have to offer!

Shop Everlane now for modern essentials!