With a population of more than ten million, Bangalore, officially known as ‘Bengaluru’ is the capital of the state of Karnataka. Featuring the biggest IT hub in India, this megacity is famous as ‘Silicon Valley’ as well as the ‘IT Capital’ of India. Owing to the presence of vast greenery and numerous public parks, Bengaluru is known as ‘Garden City’.

There are more than two thousand garment and textiles units present in Bengaluru. This city is treated as the main sourcing hub for premium brands. Being a cosmopolitan city, people in Bengaluru know how to dress for every occasion, but the best part is their daily styles. Whether it is a meeting or a party, they know where to shop for their fashion-related requirements.

A growing metropolis, Bengaluru is home to various fashion markets and designer wear stores. There is Brigade Road for budget shopping, UB City for high-end designer wear, and Chikpet Market for silk sarees.

Commercial Street is a one-stop shop and an ultimate fix for all the fashion needs. With an array of casual clothing to choose from, they have everything available like crochet tops, jeans, casual shirts, t-shirts, etc. The visitors state that it is one of the oldest and affordable fashion markets in Bengaluru. The students affirm that it is the best place to shop at with a low budget.


Vashi’s House of Jeans is the iconic place where the quest for a perfect pair of jeans comes to a stop.  They have been in business for thirty years and have promoted casual fashion to newer heights. Established in 1985, Vashi’s House of Jeans was originally named as the ‘Jeans Shack’. Vashi and Tarun, the men behind this iconic store talk about their take on fashion in Bengaluru. Vashi explains that initially he started off with ten shirts and jeans to sell and that is how his business began. He states that he has regular customers visiting his store from the past 20-25 years and customers who visit since their teenage years and now bring their kids along. He also states that when he closed the store for two months to give their business a break, it was in the newspapers. After a while, he decided to reopen his store again. He believes that selling jeans is in his genes.

Sriram Sullia, famous Radio Jockey from Fever 104 FM gave his view on Bengaluru’s fashion scenes. He states that fashion is about wearing comfortable clothes. He mentions that Commercial Street has plenty of authentic clothing to offer and he still shops there. He firmly believes that Commercial Street is the ideal place for street shopping in Bengaluru.

Commercial Street has something for everyone. Right from printed t-shirts, knick-knacks for fashionistas, every lane has something to offer. This is what a fashion capital does for its city.

To be able to suffice the incessant demand for casual wear in India is a great challenge. However, Flipkart fashion strives to overcome this challenge. We spoke to Prinka Wadhwa, Arnav Hazarika Som and Sachin Takkar from Flipkart and found out about their observations on online shopping. Prinka mentions that Flipkart understands each customer is unique in terms of their likes and dislikes. She also states that some people tend to buy based on the trends while some like to buy certain brands. Arnav states that there is a difference in buying behaviours between men and women. Men generally tend to like call-outs such as ‘Best Prices’ and ‘Deals of the Day’. Women tend to like call-outs such as ‘Updated fashion’, ‘Latest Trends’ and ‘New Styles’, etc. He explains that Flipkart has built the visual filters and conversational filters as well. Sachin Takkar mentions that people have moved towards occasion-based buying which means they buy more products. He states that repeat purchase has become lesser and people are buying trend related merchandise.

With the essence of all the fashion capitals, Flipkart offers affordable yet stylish outfits. Experience Bengaluru’s fashion journey through this short video. India ka Fashion Capital – Powered by Flipkart Fashion follows the fashion scenes in the metropolitan cities in India.

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