This week we bring you Nallem’s everyday wears – inspired by Africa’s unique ingenuity.

Nallem is a leading Afrocentric fashion brand, headquartered in Kokomlemle, Ghana, operating along the entire value chain of fashion and other artistic works, spanning training, designing, manufacturing, distribution and retailing. 

Nallem Clothing creates garments and accessories for men, women and children; doing so with a combination of elegance, creativity and style in a way that embraces the essential elements of African culture and tradition, hence their slogan: the confident urge!

Nallem outfits reveal Ghana’s proud workforce and people who work hard to contribute to the country’s development.

Many celebrities who practically live their lives out of classic and unique clothing love to wear Nallem.    

Men fashion trends…

Nallem men

Women fashion trends… 

Nallem women

Nallem clothing

Children fashion trends…

Nallem kids

Nallem hopes to grow into a global player in the fashion industry with outlets in major fashion cities across the globe and influencing seasonal collections, fashion trends, colours and playing a key role in establishing Africa’s presence on the International fashion scene.

To achieve this, Nallem’s product line features clothing and fashion accessories such as hats, jewellery, wallets and bags for men, women and kids.

“We take pride in our unique designs crafted with quality fabrics and finished to perfection. Be a global brand for clothing and fashion accessories. We design, produce and merchandise garments, fashion accessories and services. Key to our product offering is to design beautiful and very good quality clothing,” says Nallem.


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Linkedin, Pinetrest: @Nallemcloothing; Email: nallemsystem@gmail.com

 CONTACTS: +233 50 139 7814 or +233 20 997 8099


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