Jackie Appiah, D Black and Berla Mundi
Jackie Appiah, D Black and Berla Mundi

The Ghanaian fashion industry is considerable growing day by day attempting to revive its unique culture. A lot of revolutionary fashion events happened in 2018, which showcased the latest trends in fashion in Ghana and most of these trends are valid in 2019.

Current fashion trends from Ghana celebrities


If you look at the Ghanaian celebrities and their fashion styles, you can easily understand what are the top Ghanaian fashion trends.

Get the idea from the stylish outfits of some famous people, such as Berla Mundi, Jackie Appiah, D-Black and other celebrities to create the same if not better and be always in style.

Here are the pictures of the latest fashion in Ghana that will inspire you on what to choose for yourself in 2019.

Maxi cleavage and off-shoulder dresses

Maxi dress never goes out of Ghanaian fashion because it is an ultimate sign of beauty and style for African women. Just don`t be afraid of bold experiments. Choose bright colours and African prints because they work perfectly for any skin complexion. Show off a little cleavage and try off-shoulder maxi dress this year.

Plain shirt dresses

Long shirts or shirt dresses that are slightly above the knees can be worn as the most stylish and comfortable piece of clothing.

Tops with voluminous sleeves

Tops can be rated one of the most common African wears for women. But this year focus on the tops with voluminous sleeves.

African print accessories

For those ladies who want to stress their passion for cultural patterns, various accessories with African prints are the best option to stand out.

Vertically striped suits

A striped suit is a staple of the wardrobe for Ghanaian men this year. Besides, it would be better to choose the suits with vertical stripes in non-classic colours. The D-Black’s suit is an excellent example that fits both any formal and informal event.

Ghanaian fashion designer Larry Jay and his spring/summer collection 2019

Larry Jay is known as one of the most popular African designers, whose ideas are always surprised and impressed. His new collection for spring and summer 2019 is not an exception. It is called “70’s Africa” and it reflected the designer`s attitude towards his parents and between his parents.

Larry said that he was inspired by his parents’ photo when looking through their family photo archives. And the idea to create this wonderful collection is supposed to have started at this special moment.

However, the designer drew inspiration in the ’70s, but not only for his Ghanaian parents’ style. He also included in his collection some patterns from West African countries like Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, etc.

Check out some of the best outfits from the spring/summer collection 2019 and think about your refreshed new look.

Ghana Fashion Week in 2019

One of the most important fashion events of 2019 is going to happen in March. Accra Fashion Week will be held from 28th to 31st March 2019 at Stanbic Heights.

Accra Fashion Week provides Ghanaian fashion designers with an opportunity to express their exceptional creativity and love to their culture. Most African designers are looking forward to this four-day event because this is a great chance to demonstrate the current trends of Ghanaian fashion to the whole world.


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