After coming back to the US market about seven years ago, FILA was a family-type brand with its eye on huge channels such as Kohl’s Corporation. In that period, however, FILA set up a new channel called FILA heritage.

This channel is focused on expanding its presence in the sneaker space.

Fila Sneakers The Disruptor and Mind Blower

According to FILA North America’s director of heritage, Louis Colon III, the brand is currently all about the consumer’s attention.

The Heritage category has seen massive sales and becomes a key revenue source especially with its re-released iconic FILA sneakers.

FILA, arguably the most popular sportswear label in the ’90s is making not just a comeback but a rebrand as well.

At the forefront of this rebrand, the wave is the company’s hit sneaker from 1990 – The Disruptor.

FILA Clothing

This iconic FILA sneaker was first released in 1996.

It’s a massive sneaker with a saw-tooth sole.

The most popularly worn color of the Disruptor is pure white.

The new re-release of this legendary sneaker brings quite a number of fashion trends to the scene.

Trends like the surge of massively shaped sneakers, known as Dad sneakers, the revival of 90’s pop fashion, and possibly fashion’s new love for the intentionally ugly.

The second wave of the Disruptor is being termed the Disruptor 2.

This rebranded FILA shoe has done massive numbers in stores such as Foot Locker.

The CEO of this store, Dick Johnson stated recently that the FILA Disruptor 2 is one of its hottest foot-wears, alongside the timeless Vans, skate shoes.

The sneaker is a top contributor to FILA’s comeback US sales, which saw an increase of 21% in the last quarter.

Matt Powell, a sports industry analyst for research firm NPD Group expressed that the sales are quite a considerable leap.
According to him, dad’s shoes and retro wear are all the rage.

Another blast from the past being brought back by FILA is the Mindblower sneaker.

FILA Sneakers

This FILA sneaker was initially launched in 1995.

There are several colorways available for this trainer.

They include white and green and peach, classic navy and red.

The behemoth clumpy design of this shoe meshes well with fashion’s current love for dad sneakers.

Also, with the FILA logo imprinted on the upper, it’s set to mark its place in the logo-mania trend as well.

Although the Disruptor is already among the top sneakers of this season, the Mindblower is showing definite potential at catching up to it.

For quite a while, the FILA brand and its retro logo have been amassing clout in the fashion industry.

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy who regularly draws style inspiration from the ’80s and ’90s displayed FILA branded wears on the runway around late 2016.

In February of this year, Fendi, the lavish label sparked up FILA’s clout, even more, when it used FILA’s design for its Fall line.

This season, more and more fashion fans are going for logo-centric clothes and retro footwear such as the Mindblower and the Disruptor in particular.

When the international search platform Lyst dropped its list of the hottest products from the last quarter, the Disruptor landed second place in the women’s category.

This list was based on variables such as page views, searches, and sales spanning 6 million items. The Disruptor surpassed hyped products from top brands such as Chanel, Off-white and Prada.

Another ranking list from Lyst of the hottest trainers in several UK cities showed that the Disruptor was the top sneaker in London.

Fila Journey to the Top

The FILA sneakers have the benefit of being easily available, selling at stores such as Urban Outfitters and Journeys.

Their pricing is also another advantage, going for $65 to $70, way less than the luxury brand versions of dad sneakers ( such as Balenciaga’s $895 Triple S) or a competitor like the $100 Nike M2K Tekno.

FILA sneakers are available for men as well as women.

However, Powell observes that the dad sneaker fashion is more prominent with women.

This season is the most significant one FILA has had in a long time in areas like the US and UK.

These are places where FILA vanished from their market after a solid reign in the ’90s.

A Forbes story from 2008 disclosed that in 1997, FILA’s US sales hit a peak of $687 million.

However, issues arose afterward, including a failed attempt at moving the brand to luxury retailers.

Forbes recounted that a decade later- the US division “lost $42 million on $61 million in sales”.

That same year—2007— Gene Yoon, founder of FILA’S Korean division, gathered funds together to purchase FILA’S trademarks from Sports Brands International, their owner at the time.

Yoon supervised FILA’s steady rebirth, which comprised making FILA’s “Heritage” category, a major influence in FILA’s present success.

The Relaunch of the Fila Sneakers

Disruptor and Mind Blower isn’t the only thing the brand is doing.

The brand has released a pocket-friendly collaboration with a weekday.

This release includes breathable water-proof joggers and sneakers all in the brand’s legendary colorway of white, green, pink and blue.

The collection has 20 pieces and according to Louise Lasson, creative director of Weekday, they function as an activewear collection from a minimalistic fashion POV.

Lesson stated that it was necessary to truly create the pieces with a focus on detailing and functionality as well as the fashion facet of urban sportswear.

Currently, as part of moves to solidify their rebranding.

FILA sneakers and clothes are fusing smoothly into wider trendsetting fashion, with the extra dash of authentic heritage.

Louis Colon III, FILA North America’s director of heritage stated last year that “When you see brands in high, high fashion selling the ugly shoe, the bulky shoe—we have had this in our brand DNA since 1993.

He further said they don’t intend to be only a nostalgia label or brand.

They are aiming at balancing the past, future and of course the present.

Clearly, FILA is determined to maintain its presence this time around.

Best Fila Sneakers on Amazon

Fila Women’s Disruptor II Sneaker

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Fila Women’s Ray Sneakers

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