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How Did Men Dress Back In The Sixties?

Looking back at the 1960s fashion, men’s clothes were actually very diverse in style and cut. It was mainly the style of popular musicians of the period which influenced 60s style. Who could forget John Lennon stepping out in dark sunglasses and a slim suit, or Bob Dylan in his denim workshirts and hats?

Here’s a quick peek at how men dressed back in the 60s!

The Mod Squad

The Fab Four were known for their musical genius as well as their style, and suddenly every man about town wanted to cop this sophisticated look. Characterised by sleek suits, slightly bulky coats, and cheeky pops of colour through shirts and polo tops, this was easily one of the decade’s most popular looks for men.

The Bohemian Bunch

When it comes to iconic trends in 60s fashion for men, it’s hard to beat the cool and carefree looks of Jimi Hendrix. The Sixties culture was characterised by free love, challenging traditions, and getting closer to nature. Nowhere was this more obvious than in the flower-child fashion of the period.

The hippie look is still going strong today, but we rarely see the full-on groovy vibe that the musicians of this period favoured. The restrained iterations on the runway and in shops today are incredibly chic – think paisley shirts paired with dark wash denim, or ripped jeans with an oversized denim shirt and straw hat.

The Biker Boys

Simple with a bit of edge – there’s a reason why this look is timeless. The rock and roll kings of the fifties influenced this particular look to signify rebellion and a rejection of traditional ‘clean-cut’ attitudes. The look is an iconic part of 1960s fashion, and men’s fashion today still takes heavy inspiration from this style because of its sheer versatility.

Which Sixties Pieces Are Making A Comeback?

The Slim Fit Suit

The trick to pulling off this particular bit of 1960s men’s fashion is to buy or hire a slim 60s suit. Get one with a very tailored, skinny silhouette that fits your body frame well. Black is always a classic choice, but you can change it up with other neutrals like navy blue or grey, then simply mix and match your shirts underneath to show your personal style.

The Leather Jacket

Looking to integrate some of the biker’s bad boy edge into your wardrobe? Snap up a vintage leather jacket for that rocker style, then pair it with some dark denim and flat boots. Keep the overall look very neutral in colour, and update this 60s outfit by wearing skinny jeans instead of a regular cut. 

This style is so effortless to put together, and it’s probably made up of many staples you already have in your wardrobe, so it’s really all about finding the right jacket. Don’t pick one that’s too shiny and don’t hesitate to splurge on one that’s made of good quality leather. The cheap kind won’t last long, and the better jackets age well, adding character to the material.

Print On Print

While we wouldn’t advise you to get the peace necklaces and bell bottoms out, there’s a tasteful way to wear the multiple-print look without looking dated. Paisley and florals are prints that are easy to switch around, and the trick is to keep the second print a bit more subtle than the first. If one is in a very bright colour or loud pattern, make sure the second is more of an accent piece, like a tie or scarf.

Some Things Just Never Go Out Of Style!

Vintage looks from this period have been spotted on the racks from designers like Reiss and Roberto Cavalli, so it’s safe to say that even though the Sixties are over, we can all take a leaf from this period’s style tips. Experiment, try more playful looks, and inject some personal flair into your wardrobe with these ideas and suggested pieces. The full outfits may be intimidating to wear today, but a few key items will breathe new life into your typical choices.

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