The perfect clothing gift for men does exist. Even though many people disregard the gift of clothing for certain guys, shopping at the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop is an experience to behold, and one that will probably end up with you buying the ideal gift for anyone – whether they need clothes in their lives or not!

Buy your gifts at Everlane Men’s Gift Shop!

Everlane does have a reputation for selling items that are a bit more expensive than your average clothing piece, though. That’s why we decided to create this review. We want you to know whether you’re going to find the perfect gift at Everlane or if you should look for your gift somewhere else.

It’s likely that you took an interest in Everlane because this is one of the United States’ leading online clothing retailers, but let’s take a closer look at what awaits in its gift shop to see if it’s what you need.

Everlane Men’s Items – An Overview

Sometimes, when you hear about Everlane, the first thing that pops into your mind is the quality of their sweaters. Even though they are one of the main types of products that you’ll be able to find in the Men’s section of the site, you’ll also be able to purchase high-quality jeans, amazing footwear, and incredible tops that are cooler than the sweaters.

Shopping at the men’s section of the gift shop will allow you to buy presents that will adapt to anyone’s needs. As an Everlane shopper, you’ll be getting your hands on products that fit every season and products that are excellent for cold weather.

It comes as no surprise to us that the most sold items in the shop are sweaters and clothes to keep the wearer warm – especially as many people visit the gift shop during Christmas.

Menus and Interface – Shopping at Everlane Online

We really can’t complain about the quality of the menus on the Everlane website. The menus are easy to browse and finding the categories that you’re looking for is what makes this one of the best online retailers out there.

As soon as you open the men’s gift shop, you will be presented with all of the main item categories atop your screen. This will allow you to quickly browse exactly what you’re looking to buy: whether that is cheap items, higher-end pieces of clothing, or even gift cards to accompany your purchase.

The site is responsive and the interface works extremely well. There doesn’t seem to be any loading times – even when you change categories. This makes for a smooth browsing experience and improves the quality of your time shopping.

The site’s navigation defaults to the best sellers, which also makes it easy for you to pick exactly what most people seem to love. It saves you the trouble of looking for specific items.

A gift that You Would Buy for Yourself – All at an Affordable Price

Even though the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop does come packed with plenty of items that would be out of the price range of buyers with a low budget, the store brings balance to the table when it comes to quality and price.

Sure, most of the items that you’ll find in the gift shop are more expensive than what you’d find in other online retail sites, but the quality of these items cannot be argued. You’ll be making a gift of very high quality.

As soon as you get the item, you’ll notice how well-made it is and how it is one of these items that you would get for yourself.

You’ll be tempted not to keep it, so it would be a wise choice to send it directly to the receiver. That’s why the site gives you the option to buy in-store gift cards, too – if you’re unsure of what to buy, you can always send the receiver a $50 gift card so they can get whatever they want in the store.

No Better Place to Gift than the $50 and Under & $100 and Under Sections

Coming to the Everlane store to make a budget purchase might not be the wisest choice in the world, but if you still want to ensure that you’ll get high-quality items but you’re not willing to pay more than a certain amount for them, you can rest assured that the $50 and $100 sections will do the trick for you.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Men’s Gift Shop!

The items that you’ll find in these sections lack no quality whatsoever. In fact, we dare say that we haven’t encountered too many negative reviews about products. The quality of all items is top-notch, which makes for a fantastic experience that’ll make it easy for you to pick whichever product you feel it looks better than the rest.

Men’s Top Sellers – The Ideal Gift Awaits

The Top Sellers section is one of the best parts of the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop. You will be able to specifically browse exactly what you’re going to end up buying, for the simple fact that here is where the highest-rated items are.

Not only that, but the Top Sellers section is also where you’ll most likely find the best deals. Look for the best items in terms of price and quality: the perfect balance is sure struck in the Top Sellers section.

Jackets and Sweaters – An Everlane Christmas

It comes as no surprise to us that the high-quality sweaters and jackets offered by Everlane are among the most sold products in the store. They are capable of providing people with extreme warmth across the winter thanks to their craft. Sweaters are the flagship product of Everlane and there’s a good reason for that: top-quality craft like this one is often found at least double its price.

Looking at the Everlane Chino’s – Your Go-To Option for Pants

We’ve seen many people purchase the quality pants created by Everlane, but unlike the women’s gift shop of the site, one of the most common gifts for men is the Everlane Chinos. These fantastic pants provide the wearer with full comfort and they come at a very affordable price, making them some of the best pants that you can get someone for the winter.

They aren’t as heat-retaining as the rest of the top sellers in the section, but the comfort that these pants bring, accompanied by a very affordable price, makes them some of the best on the planet.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Men’s Gift Shop!

Neck Warmers and Underpants

Now that the festive season is upon us and the weather seems to be getting all but colder, there’s no better way to make someone you love to feel warm than gifting them some of the neck warmers and underpants offered by Everlane for men.

We all know the high-quality thermic sweaters and jackets that the company has managed to create, but the same technology is used to make underpants and neck warmers. Whether it is that you intend to leave your home or stay inside all winter, there’s no better way to keep someone warm than with these top-quality Everlane items.

A Necessary Word of Warning: Customer Service Could Be Better

Even though the quality of items available at the Everlane store is nothing to be fearful of, one thing does catch our eye: there are many people complaining about the customer service of the site. There doesn’t seem to be enough support for people that have issues after making their order, which is the one thing that we truly wish they could improve.

There is one silver lining on all of this, though. There doesn’t seem to be early as many issues when it comes to shipping or even clothing size, so there’s barely a need to speak to customer support.

Nevertheless, it would be great to be able to have a fantastic experience all around. If any issues arise, you can speak to customer support, but don’t get your hopes up in getting a quick reply.

Why You Should Shop at the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop – Our Conclusion

The times of being unsure of what clothing item to get your husband, fiancée, brother, father, or friend are over. With the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop, you can rest assured that the ideal purchase that balances price and quality is just around the corner.

You must keep in mind that you will spend more at the Everlane Store than you would otherwise spend in a cheaper online retailer, but you’re paying for a high-quality product.

The durability of these items is as unquestionable as their good looks. If you have the budget to make a gift of anything above $50, you can rest assured that the Everlane Men’s Gift Shop is the place where you’re going to get it – especially if you’re okay with paying a bit more to make that one Christmas gift a special one!

Buy your gifts at Everlane Men’s Gift Shop!

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