So, you’ve decided you need new shoes. You’ve likely heard of or seen Allbirds as an option – the internet is obsessing over them.
Allbirds shoes seem like the dream shoe – they’re comfortable, soft, can be worn without socks, are machine washable, and they’re environmentally friendly. They come in at a reasonable (if not cheaper price) than other shoes. All in all, this explains the hype.

Born in New Zealand, AllBirds has now sold more than 1 million pairs worldwide, and even have physical shops in major cities like London, New York, and Shanghai. That leaves you wondering, are they worth it? Here’s our verdict.

First thoughts

We ordered our shoes from their website – the first thing you’ll notice (albeit how seamless their site is), is how big their collection is. They offer both men’s and women’s shoes – for this review, we’ll just be exploring the men’s. Their entire brand is dedicated to being ethically sourced and environmentally-friendly. Hence why they use Merino wool.
It’s not just the merino wool that makes the difference, either. They use sustainably grown Brazilian sugarcane rather than rubber, and recycled cardboard for their packaging. Their sizing is accessible to the vast majority of men – ranging from US 8-14. They don’t do half sizes, but their shoes famously stretch to fit, so always size down. You’ll notice that Allbirds shoes all have a distinct look about that – which is highly sought after. Their aesthetic is like a stylish natural look. As for comfort, we would keep our Allbirds on 24/7 if it was socially acceptable to do so. And yes, you can wear these without socks.
P.S: they also sell socks, but that’s just a bonus. Let’s take a deeper dive into the options available for you.

Wool Runners

First up is the Wool Runner. Without a doubt, one of their more popular models, and with every good reason. First up – they look great and are available in a range of different colours. Secondly, they may be one of the most versatile shoes available – especially great for travel.

Wool Runners are so lightweight that they’ll add no extra weight to your luggage. However, we would be wearing these for the journey anyway, because they feel like slippers. Their name is a little misleading – these are not suitable for running, only walking.

Tree Runners

The same concept as the Wool Runner only made with a different material. As you guessed, the former is made of wool. The Tree runner is made with eucalyptus tree, which makes it more breezy. This all depends on if you want a cosy sneaker or a breezy one.

Tree Dashers

You’ve probably figured out why Allbirds use “Wool” and “Tree” in their names. A general rule of thumb is the Wool collections are warmer, and the Tree collections are more breathable. The Tree Dasher is a running shoe, as you can likely tell from their spongey sole structure. These are a little more expensive at $120 but can endure much more strenuous activities.

Tree Toppers

These stylish shoes are high tops and have a boot-like look to them. The design, as you’ll know, is much more suited to different settings. With the varied colour selections, these are a favourite for many. Again, these are perfect for warmer days.

Wool Runner Mizzles

One downfall for the Allbirds shoes is that they weren’t suitable for wet weather. So, if you lived in a rainy climate, you didn’t stand a chance. However, Allbirds is a master at taking in reviews and suggestions, and they came out with the Mizzles – these are weather-ready.

As a side note, Allbirds also released a line of more feminine flat shoes, after they listened to their customer’s suggestions. The brand proves time and time again, that they do care.

Tree Loungers

We said we wanted to wear them 24/7, and Allbirds said: “say no more”. Their Loungers are for, well, lounging. That being said, they still look super smart (nobody would assume these were slippers in a million years).

Wool Loungers

Yes, they also have Loungers made from Merino wool, which make them a little cosier. The design of their Loungers is a slip-on, making them easy to run errands in, and have handy at all times. They come in various colours including grey, orchard, and night.

Tree Skippers

The Skippers are their boat shoe, a classic design made from innovative, exciting materials. The boat shoe is a firm favourite for many men – suitable for various events, and versatile in for outfits. Now, you can treat yourself to an eco-conscious version.

Wool Runner-up Mizzles

Last but not least, we have the Runner-up Mizzles. Essentially, they’re a water-proof, wool version of the Tree Toppers. They’re chunkier sole and high top design make them the perfect shoe for wet weather. These are the most expensive in the collection, at $130.

As you can see, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find one (or more) designs that are perfect for your needs. Whether you’re exercising, travelling, or lounging around the house.

How to wash Allbirds

A big selling point for the Allbirds is the fact that they are machine washable. Allbirds purposely did this, as a company that focuses on sustainability, they drove customers away from overconsumption. Their shoes are designed to last, meaning cleaning needs to be made easy, too.

To wash them, you need to remove the insoles and laces, and then put your Allbirds on a cold cycle. Remember, these shoes can be damaged in extreme heat. Never put them on a warm wash, and do not tumble dry these. They dry super quick naturally.

Are Allbirds worth it?

The price of Allbirds can be compared to Nike and Reebok. The two big differences – these are designed to last and are eco-friendly designs. While one design may not be suitable for certain activities or weathers, the Allbirds still stand above virtually any other wool shoes on the market.

With their distinct aesthetic and admirable ethics, we would say they are worth it. You can buy your pair of shoes right here.

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