There’s no denying that Allbirds makes great shoes. However, when splashing out on a pair of these shoes, you need to ensure that they’re good for you, and your particular needs.  A generalised swooping remark – women and men need a diversity of shoes, for different uses.  Not only are the sizes different, but men and women (in general) want varied styles, and use their shoes in different settings.  So, do are Allbirds a good company for women’s shoes? This review looks into their choices.

First thoughts

Browsing their website (which is super easy to navigate, by the way), you’ll find that Allbirds has an extensive collection for women.  They have shoes (and a lot of them), socks, accessories and a category called “collections” where you can browse their most popular shoes, and their Dasher collection.  Briefly taking a look at their socks, they also have a great collection. Their socks are also made from natural materials like wool and rees, and they’re super comfortable. You can choose from trainer and sprinter socks, all the way to tall socks.  Of course, you’re here to look at the shoes, though.  All being made from similar materials, they do have that distinct Allbirds feel to them – even if they’re all crafted in various ways.  With that in mind, let’s look at some more specific examples, and what they have to offer you.

Wool Runners

First up is the Allbirds Wool Runners, inarguably their most popular shoe – for both women and men.

They’re an everyday sneaker, made for walking, running errands, and travel. They’re considered one of the best travel shoes around – due to their lightweight and comfortable qualities.  The Wool Runners have a simple, generic design, which makes them easy to pair with, well, just about anything.  The Wool Runners come in 14 different colour choices, ranging from solid black to a more startling yellow.  Coming in at $95, they’re a pretty standard price for a sneaker. As many reports and reviews will tell you – they also stand the test of time. Even intense wear of these great trainers will still see them survive for at least 8 months.

Tree Breezer

Next up, we have the Tree Breezer. These are perhaps the most starkly “feminine” shoes that Allbirds boast.  Allbirds launched these in March 2020, after many customer requests. Yes, women were screaming out for a more sleek silhouette – perhaps one they could wear to work etc, with the bonus comfort.  Importantly, Allbirds also does half sizes for the Tree Breezers – something they don’t do with other models, as the material is expected to stretch.  Still, the Tree Breezers are made with eucalyptus fibres, sugar cane, and wool, just like other Allbirds shoes. They’re still machine-washable, supportive, flexible, and breathable. They just have a more delicate design.  A little addition, that we love: They have a ribbed collar, which ensures they don’t fall off your feet. That’s a major design fault for many flat women shoes.  At $95 they might be more pricey than your average flat shoe, but they’re also much higher quality, comfy, and friendly on your feet.

Tree Runners

Then, we have Tree Runners. Yes, they do seem like the perfect mixture between the Wool Runners and Tree Breezers. They’re still rather feminine in shape but are a sneaker design. This includes a cushioned sole, which has been layered with castor bean oil. It does feel like you’re walking on a cloud. These also cost $95.

Tree Dashers

Despite being called “runners”, both the Wool Runner and Tree Runner are not suitable for running, in our opinion. We would highly recommend that you stick to walking/everyday activities in those.

However, if you’re looking for running shoes, the Tree Dasher could be the perfect option for you.

Designed with a breathable tree material, they’re comfy and practical for all your running needs.

They look super smart, too. They are a tiny bit high-priced at $120 but are better prepared for intense exercise use.

Tree skippers

A classic boat shoe, that matches more outfit ideas. Just like any boat shoe – this has been designed with everyday use in mind.  If you’re a sucker for a boat shoe look, these are much comfier than your usual.  They come in at $95 and are not available in half sizes.

Tree Toppers

Yes, you guessed it – this is their high top shoe. We love that they include various designs and styles but adhere to their classic wool look.

These are $115 and are still designed for warmer days, despite their high top look.

Wool Runner Mizzles

The other shoes in Allbird’s women’s collection were only suitable in dry/warmer conditions.

The Allbird’s Wool Runner Mizzles has been designed for colder, wetter weather. Yes, they repel water and have a no-slip grip on their soles.  At $115, these are much more suitable for those in colder/rainy climates. Also, the Wool Runner-up Mizzles, are essentially the same, but with a high-top design. They’re weather-ready, and look super stylish.

Tree Loungers

Then we have the casual slip-on shoe. Perfect for running errands, walking around the house, and just about anything else.

Still made with a breezy eucalyptus tree, these are better suited for warmer weather or indoor use.

Wool Loungers

If you need a lounger shoe that is cosier – the Wool Lounger would be perfect for you.

Both the Tree Lounger and Wool Lounger come in at $95 and will last you an extremely long time.

Final Thoughts

With such an extensive collection, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Browse through your options, and see which one would be the right fit for you – apologies for the pun.

It’s great to see a collection which is not only focused on sustainability but also produces high quality, practical shoes, for most occasions.  They’re sizing is great, too. Ranging from a size 2 to a size 8, that would cater to a large demographic. Remember, they stretch, too. If they don’t have your exact half size, always size down.

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