From wrinkle-textured patterns to floral motifs, designer Gautam Gupta believes that summer 2019 will welcomeall kinds of innovative fabrics, trends and a contemporary approach headed against any constraint of perfection

Fashion trends are all about being one step ahead, so it’s never too early to think about what will be in style next. While the fashion world loves to look to the future, the summer of 2019 will take a cue from the past.

Here are the latest trends that are predicted to impact the women’s market in Summer Season’19.

Embrace utilitarian aesthetics

Silhouettes are organic yet structurally modern, cut from weighted natural fibers will make for strong shape definition. The trend moves towards deep-cut necklines and asymmetric designs that will showcase a new feminine attitude to utilitarian aesthetics, moving the look in a contemporary direction through inky forest tones.

Focus on organic finishes

Jungle depths and tropical undergrowth will inspire print and pattern directions for summer season’19 (SS’19). Palm leaf designs enhanced by textured cotton and jacquard bases while abstracted flora and fauna motifs and tonal colour-ways will introduce modern print techniques providing a contemporary look. Materials are focussing on raw, organic finishes and natural state textures. Compact cottons are lending lightweight summer fabrications a durable and hard-wearing quality. 2019 promises all kinds of exciting and innovative fabric trends. The affinity for natural fibers, rustic materials and ‘craft fashion’ being showcased at these fairs celebrates Mother Nature in all her unspoiled glory.

Celebrate imperfections

There is a desire to go ‘back to basics’ and embrace simplicity tapping into wider trends in consumer behaviour. Along with their demands for greater transparency, Generation Y is kicking back against the constraints of perfection, preferring instead to celebrate quirks and imperfections for their uniqueness. This is part of a whole new movement seen among younger people who are generally more willing to accept differences and embrace inclusivity than generations before. Taking a step back from the hectic pace of the digital age to tackle the ‘time poverty’ it fosters, consumers are turning to reflective practices like mindfulness and relishing the time things take to grow, develop and mature.

Use of creased textures

Wrinkled textures are firmly on trend. The season celebrates intriguing tactile surfaces through a range of crinkled and creased looks, evoking the patterns and textures we experience in nature. Puckered textures are also created through plissé effects, incorporating both synthetic and natural fibers including cupro, viscose and crepe yarns as well as cotton and cotton blends. In a similar vein, pleats and plissé effects work to create rippling surfaces that bring water to mind. The clever use of space dye imbues lightweight knits with mottled pebble effects, mossy patterns and surfaces like speckled eggs. These effects, in slubbed bouclé and tactile plush, as well as nep constructions, form a key part of this trend. Spring/summer 2019 sees strong palettes of bold colours artfully woven together, celebrating the riot of hues we see as the frost melts away and the blooms spring up around us. Playful, contemporary and confident, the versatility of printed yarns creates effects that vary from airy and ethereal to verdant and fresh.

Use of iridescent colours

Some of the keywords this season are shine, transparency, layering, fringes and natural looks. Opalescent and iridescent colours  and effects seem to be the decoration highlights for Summer’19. Not only effective threads and seams are used for embroidery but multi-needle quilting also makes for a very attractive option. There are three key colours integral to the season’s fashion. Steel Pink refreshes pastel palettes with a cooler, more contemporary feel. The blackened hues of Deep Dark Navy provides an update to a classic hue and introduces a trans-seasonal tone into the season’s core colour family. Likewise, Blonde Camel reworks a classic shade with a sun-faded cast perfect for summer.

Steel Pink

Metallic Pink hues inject a fresh sense of femininity into the seasonal fashion colour palette.

Cool steely tones update previously sugary shades.

Feminine tones have a contemporary edge.

Soft knits, fluted silhouettes and pleats have a grown-up appeal.

Deep Dark Navy

Navy is reinvented this season as core tones take a deeper, darker approach with an ‘almost black’ appearance.

Inky, saturated shades evoke a borrowed-from-the-boys aesthetic.

Updated core classics tap into the masc-femme trend.

Trans seasonal darks are increasingly important for spring/summer.

Blonde Camel

Camel tones are contemporised for the season with a bleached-out cast and a softly-faded finish.

Parched, desert inspired hues echo sun-scorched destinations.

Camel tones enhance the masculine of tailored silhouettes.

Summer outerwear, shirting and suits have a classic formality.

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