Summer is the time for new trends and new styles. There is no doubt that the season of vacation and holidays is the best time of the year. 2019 Spring/Summer styles however, have witnessed a come-back of the 90s. The coolest, trendiest outfits on display all around are styles of the bygone years.

Liji Preman, fashion stylist in the film industry believes that some vintage trends are classics and can never go out of style. A come-back of the 90s once again in the years to come would not be a surprise to her. She briefly throws light on the many yesteryear trends that have subtly infiltrated the young fashion sensibilities, taking over the market this year.



Denim dungarees can be seen all around, women dressed in casual dungarees, carrying it with confidence and looking oh! So fashionable. “This trend saw a sudden come back this year, with fashion vloggers, bloggers and social media influencers showing off their dungarees while on vacation, making it a trend,” says Sankesh Ranka, director of Harper Seven.

Co-ordinated Outfits

“Matching sets, are now a huge demand among the women and you can spot them every online shopping platform. It makes dressing up so much easier and fun, almost like a stylist picked the co-ords for you,” says Avril Charles, travel and lifestyle blogger.

Fanny Packs

A functional fad from the 80s, the fanny pack trend came in and frizzled out. Once considered dull, boring and out of fashion, fanny packs are making a style statement. Liji states that this trend is back as waist bags and the biggest brands in the fashion industry have given it a facelift reinventing itself for the on-the-go fashionable woman. “The ultra convenient bag is now available in straw, leather and several other materials. People strap them across their chest like a cross body bag or let them sit on their waist, as an alternate accessory. What’s best about it is that it goes with casual streetwear and high street fashion, working well with formals and causals at the same time,” says Liji.

Avril states that the reinvigoration of the style has given women several functional and aesthetic reasons to choose a waist bag over a hand bag. You look classy and chic and the trend itself is timeless, she smiles.

Fluorescent Colours

Anyone who has lived through the 90’s and watched the colourful movies with actors dressed in neons will know what a craze fluorescent colours were.

Sankesh says that huge fashion houses have embraced this trend and are adding a dash of fluorescent in their collection. While some are going all out and dressing in vivid colours such as bright red, pink and yellow. Some are using the colours to make a statement in the outfit.

“Christiano Burani’s collection mixes fluorescent in his denims and the Emporio Armani show had women owning the runway in neons,” says Liji.

If you are someone who can carry off bright and vivid colours well, this trend is for you. This summer is all about fresh, new and reinvented styles, go all out and experiment with colours, adds Avril.

Flare Jeans

This was a trend that had people going, ‘good-riddance’ when we entered the 21st century. There is a slow momentum towards flared jeans this summer. While it helps beat the heat in a mild way and looks amazing on women of certain body structures, Avril is of the opinion that it may not be suitable for all body types. “A trend that only suits the skinny isn’t a trend at all,” she quips.

Liji on the contrary believes that flared jeans can work if they are worn the right way. “A high waist flared jeans with the right colour and washed out texture will do wonders when paired with pastel coloured T-shirts,” she explains. You need to be aware of when to dress up and dress down an outfit.

Summers are all about feeling gorgeous but with the heat at it’s peak, it is important to opt to go minimal and yet play around and have fun with your outfit.

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