When we first saw flip-flops popping up on street style stars during Fashion Week, we couldn’t quite believe our eyes, but the comfortable, practical silhouette is here to stay, and we couldn’t be more excited to wear them. I’m actually wearing a pair of flip-flops as I write this. They’re so easy to wear, and they go with every outfit. Need to get dressed up? Grab a metallic, jeweled, or heeled pair. Want to make a look feel more casual? Grab a neutral pair of flip-flops. Interested in trying out some of the season’s biggest trends, like neon, tie-dye, and transparent shoes? In a flip-flop, they all feel manageable; it’s a great way to experiment with a look without overwhelming the rest of your outfit.

It’s Summer, and we want to show off our pedicures. Flip-flops solve the annoying problem of heel blisters and give the foot a minimal, sleek silhouette we can definitely get behind. Designers are creating shoes that aren’t just rubber, they’re leather and fabric, too. Basically, we just found your new seasonal sandal staple, and it’s one you’ll never want to take off. Just keep reading to shop our 21 favorites.


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