As the holiday season gets closer and closer, the time to panic about not having bought any gifts is also nearing its stressful arrival. That difficult decision of what you should buy for that special someone, or a close relative, can be very tough sometimes.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Women’s Gift Shop!

If you’re looking to simplify that decision and make it as simple as possible, then you’ll want to take a look at the Everlane Women’s Gift Shop.

Not only has Everlane already established itself as one of the highest-quality cloth retailers in the United States, but the site’s gift shop is one that will not disappoint either those who love to shop for quality clothes for themselves and those who are looking to make the perfect gift.

Let us explore the Everlane Women’s Gift Shop and give you a quick review of why you will, for sure, love what it has to offer.

Everlane Items – A Quick Overview

There is no denying that the quality of items that you’ll find at Everlane is very high. Quality comes at a price, though, and Everlane buyers know that they will have to spend a bit more than what you would spend in another store if you want to purchase these items; whether that is for yourself or as a gift.

In any case, variety is as good as the site’s item quality. At the Everlane Store, you will find top-class sweaters, incredibly well-made jackets, women’s shoes of the highest order, and even a selection of face masks to help you live down a crisis in style.

We haven’t come across one Everlane item that made us think that item quality wasn’t good enough, and even less so in the gift shop section where the best items are ranked first.

Furthermore, the items are all divided into specific categories that make it very easy for you to decide what section to visit in order to buy the items that you’re exclusively looking for.

Interface Breakdown – Navigating the Gift Shop

We loved the interface of the Everlane website in general, but it’s safe to say that the gift shop is better than what we’re used to seeing – even in some of the world’s best online retailers. Shopping at Everlane feels even smoother than browsing sites like Amazon, which already says a lot about how easy it is to find what you’re looking for at the gift shop.

You will find that all of the most popular items are ranked first, which will help you make up your mind even quicker when it comes to deciding which ones to get.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Women’s Gift Shop!

The women’s store varies a lot from the men’s, though, as the focus of purchases seems to be evened out between sweaters, jackets, and footwear.

You can also check out all of the categories located on top of the page, which will help you quickly browse between sections. Unlike the traditional Everlane store, though, the gift shop is divided into categories that mainly focus on your budget.

Check out the “Under $50” and “Under $100” sections to browse high-quality items that come at an even more affordable price than the rest of the store’s products!

Affordable Yet High-Quality Gifts

We know that calling Everlane footwear and clothing to be “affordable” could be controversial, as the products do share a similar price tag with others that are labeled expensive. However, in terms of the quality of each item and its pricing, you’ll hardly come across a company that offers such a balance.

If you have the spare cash to make a gift worth more than $50, then you’re going to make a gift that will surely please whoever it is on its receiving end.

The store even has a special section of items that allows you to browse for its low-price, top-quality items. This is going to help you make the perfect gift and stay within the limits of your own budget.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Women’s Gift Shop!

Women’s Top Sellers – What to Gift

The Women’s Gift Shop of the Everlane store seems to be packed with many more items than the male’s version, so those who are looking for the perfect gift will surely find comfort in the fantastic Top Sellers section of the store. The most purchased items are here to be found, which means that you won’t have to struggle to search for the ideal gift at an affordable price.

We have discussed the quality/price balance in the last section of this article, but it is in the Top Sellers section where you truly see it shine.

The items that you’ll find in this section are the best of the bunch. Most of them come at prices lower than $60, but most of them are at a degree of quality that will make you think that you’re wearing a $500 item. The perfect gift in all senses of the word.

Perfect Sweaters for a Perfect Gift

Just like in the site’s men’s gift shop, the vast majority of the items that you’ll find among the top sellers are sweaters and jackets. Knowing that many people buy gifts during the festive period, this comes as no surprise. Everlane is one of the best online retailers to shop for truly high-quality sweaters that will keep you warm all winter, which makes them the perfect gift for that special someone.

In fact, Everlane might just be the best winter sweater and jacket online retailer among the biggest clothing brands on the market!

Slippers for Her

You’ll notice that footwear is abundant in the Top Sellers section of the store, but there’s one thing that caught our eye: one of the most sold items on the store (among the top 5, in fact) is one of the most exclusive pair of slippers offered by Everlane.

The company is known to make high-quality items created with material that permits your body to stay warm, so slippers are naturally some of the best items that you can purchase with such a craft.

Knowing that the festive period is so cold in the United States (or most of the US, at least), it comes as no surprise that so many people have opted to buy slippers as gifts this year!

High-Quality Shoes at Everlane

If you don’t mind going a bit over $100 on your gift, then you can rest assured that the Everlane store will provide you with some of the best shoes that you can buy for anyone.

The looks and design of Everlane footwear are a sight to behold. You really feel the need to make an almost instant purchase, which doesn’t make it a surprise that footwear is so common in the women’s gift shop. The one thing to keep in mind is that most of the top-quality footwear sold in Everlane will end up being a more expensive gift than most clothing items.

Customer Service: One Simple Fix to Improve the Customer Experience

If you’re really looking for a fantastic overall retailer experience, the one thing that seems to be missing from the Everlane experience is a higher degree of customer support. There are some issues with the way they handle customer complaints and it really seems to take a lot of time for an issue to be resolved.

The one good thing about this is that, in general, you’ll hardly come up with a reason as to why you should discuss anything with customer support. You won’t need to speak to them at all, on most occasions, as everything seems to be handled smoothly.

It seems to have played a negative role in the Everlane experience, though. Since not many issues arise when a purchase is made, the staff of the store doesn’t seem prepared to handle issues that come up. 

Should You Shop at the Everlane Women’s Gift Shop? – Our Conclusion

Not only are you going to find high-quality items at Everlane, but you will also be able to gift anyone a special item that is going to last them for a long time. Prices are a bit too high for the average buyer, but if you’re looking to buy someone a gift that truly doesn’t feel like it’s going to suffer from terrible wear & tear, you’ll want to purchase your gift at the Everlane women’s gift shop.

The store might offer a good number of items, but none of the items feel poorly crated or with a repetitive design. Any gift that you choose to make is a gift that will feel and look unique in the eyes of whoever wears it.

The level of detail and quality that you’ll be paying for is nothing short of extraordinary. The question remains whether or not you’re willing to spend a significant amount of money buying a few gifts or not. If you’re just going to get one Christmas present this year, then we fully advise you to pay a visit to the Everlane’s Women’s Gift Shop.

Buy your gifts at Everlane Women’s Gift Shop!

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